Dec 14, 2011


Hi guys!
Today I feel dissapointed. Today I don't feel well. I'm not ill... I'm sick of love...
People are artificial. Not all, but most of them. A group of guys walks in front of you and only one notice you're there AND says hello.

You've break my heart. Again. I now well what I'm feeling next. I've felt dissapointed, lost, miserable. (8) Stupid girl, I shoud've know, I shoud've now... (8)...
Yet is time to turn the page of my history and start again. They broke my heart so much times that I've lost the count. I know I can't stop my life and start crying all the time. Everytime my heart break, I'll get stronger. I'm not going to look back. I'm going to look forward.

You broke my heart, you did it again... Maybe I was expecting too much of you. But now you're not reading this. You've more important things to do before "reading a girl's stupid online diary of her teenager-problems".
Usually, I try to write about things like music, highschool... But other times I need to tell the world some true things, like "love hurts".

I love "love", but it can hurt you more if you're not ready for it...


P.S: You're not sorry, of Taylor Swift.
Will you let a comment?? PleasE!!

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  1. Oh me encantaa Ö

    I la cancion de Swift, wwah me vicié a ellaa :$ jaja es una de las canciones qe mas e gusta :$