Apr 23, 2013


Sometimes I wonder if someone really cares. When they tell you "whatever you need". Is it real? I don't think so. I mean, some people care, but most of them just...Want to keep your problems far of their lives...
I think that's the reason cuz love isn't always real. Because people don't know how to understand, how to take care, how to really care about somebody.

And I miss that days when I thought people were always good, but they aren't.

But I still believe in me.


Apr 19, 2013


People sometimes are SO stupid.
Kill thm' all.

Apr 18, 2013

Ho Hey.

Hey guys. I know it's long ago since I wrote the last thing for you.
My life's changing completely and I'm just turning "round 'nd round".
I wonder if people keeps on reading my blog... I hope you do, dudes.


Feb 23, 2013

I'm gonna love you like I've never been broken.


Yes, I loved you a bit. Yes, you let me down when you say you want me to stay as far as possible, just for don't hurting me. You're hurting me with that words.

Thank you.

Feb 16, 2013

Today I don't feel like doing anything.

Heeeeey guys. How r you doing? I haven't written for a long, long time here. I haven't got enough time! I'd love to have more, and so I could tell you more about my life. Making a summary, I've started my new webpage, Innocence Studios, I'm studying "a lot", you know.

I'm using my time for writing, I'm having time for me and for my words. I just needed it, actually, I think I'm having much more fun doing that than I've had other times. I'm focusing on my book and I know I'm doing it well, cuz when I write I get this strange and great feeling like I couldn't be happier. I just wanna tell you I'm not dead, I'm here and I'm writing again.

Lots of love

Jan 31, 2013

Innocence Studios

Please, visit my webpage. It's in Spanish and it's for young artists. Comment (:

¡Hola a todos los lectores de habla española! Visitad http://innocencestudios.com y comentad, pedid tutoriales para diseñar, para hacer personajes. ¡No os arrepentiréis!
Hagamos Arte.


P.S: Love you guys <3

Jan 23, 2013

Designing :3

asdfadfasdf Look, I've done something new in pixlr.
¡New tutorial available in my channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/StudiosInnocence


Jan 22, 2013

Writing a novel

Hey dudes!
I'm actually writing a novel and trying to start some of my projects. One of them is doing some youtube tutorials in Spanish about creating novel-story characters and some of them for Pixlr use.
 I hope you like them and please, please have a look at my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/StudiosInnocence


Jan 19, 2013


Heeeey guuuuys!
Here am I. Right now, I'm already seventeen. And...We have to party it!


Jan 11, 2013

It's fridayyyyyy ( 8 )

Heeeey guys. I'm kinda relaxed today. IT'S ALREADY FRIDAAAY.