Dec 15, 2011

I'm not so perfect I was supposed to be... :)

Helloooo!! How are you doing today???? I hope well :)
Today I feel happy (even when, tomorrow, I'll have a maths test ^^)
I saw 13 persons participated in the survey =D Thank you very, very much!!
They want me to talk about music. I could do it. I have not to do it, have I?
But I'm going to ask you something: What kind of music do you listen when you...:
1. Are tired
2. Wanna dance
3. Are sad
4. ...are HAPPY :)
5. Fall in love

You can answer like this in a comment: (my example)
1. Taylor Swift
2. Lemonade Mouth, Rihanna, "Allright, Ok"...
3. Taylor Swift ;)
4. A little bit of everything :)
5. Taylor Swift xD

Hope you do it :)

P.S: the title is because I'm NOT perfect, and I'm happy about that because it means I'm human, I can make faults, I can forget something, I can fall in love or I can wake up smiling at everybody...

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