Dec 13, 2011


Hello! How you see, I'm not in the Highschool today... =(
But I'm feeling better, so I'll talk about something new: Christmas. Day to day we're getting nearer to that special days of... Of what? Of presents and parties?
We should remember something: We're celebrating that we're all together, presents are ONLY a way of expressing that love. We cannot think that with giving somebody a present you'll be his/her friend for the rest of the year. I think we all like having presents, don't we?
That's a normal thing, I think ^^ . But even if we give love and we express our love with things, we should make that all the days of our life, 'cause it's beautiful to have a person near you that you can trust and you know he/she loves you <3

So, now go out and say "I love you" or "You're my best friend" or "Your my one in five million"...
Christmas is time of loving your family, being together, having fun, giving presents if you will...But "giving love"- time is every day of life.

P.S: How most of the days, I let you a Youtube clip of "Cascada" called "Last Christmas". I discovered Cascada yesterday (I didn't know they were the singers of "Cause everytime we touch", that is my Boogie Superstar's favourite song). I'll talk about them later... :)

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