Dec 12, 2011

Being ill

Hi! 2nd time in a day I write here... I'm ill, and it's normal to feel bored now...
Now I'm thinking about everything, lying in my bed...
I like being in class. I wonder if my friends have miss me...
Have you feel sometimes like me?
Even when I would have Latin lesson, I'd love to go to copy and copy and copy mooore things for the teacher, only to be with my friends the rest of the time, talking and making stupid things, because sleeping all the morning and looking at your clock feeling the time has stopped... Is simply BORING.
I think I won't be better tomorrow, so I'll write something else for you then...

I think this entry is...Strange. It's like a storm of ideas that appeared while I was in bed, trying to make any sense... Do they?


(Should I say: "An ill Maria that don't know what to do tomorrow"?)

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