Dec 12, 2011

Highschool is not a prision

Hello everybody! Today, unfortunality, I'm ill, and I'm going to write something before going to bed again.
Most of the teenagers feel like in a prision when they go to highschool. I can't understand that. We go there as a right, it isn't an obligation (it's obligatory, but you can don't go to the lessons).
Most of the kids in Africa, South-America, Asia, they would like beeing there, in our school or in our highschool.
We go there to learn everything we'll need when we grow up and begin to work.
It's a difficult thing to speak about this when you don't hate the higschool. I don't hate it. Sometimes, I can't stand some of my classmates or some teachers, or I feel miserable when I've lots of homework and I can't go out with my friends. But you have to do it, because everything you'll study now, will be an extra point for you when you search a job. Isn't it?

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P.S: Fifteen, a Taylor Swift song about highschool and this strange teenager-age where you feel lost sometimes :)

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