Dec 5, 2011

Latin teacher ¬¬

Today was a great day: in 2 days I was expected to go to the cinema with my best friends. Now, we've a problem, called: "latin teacher".
My friend has usually one hour more than me at school, but that day she hasn't, so, we planned to go to the cinema to see "Breaking Down". But today, the teacher went to her class and told them: "The  7th you have one hour more, not Phylosophy, but Latin". Outch. That hurted. What does she think?? We don't live thinking in Latin lessons. We have made plans!!!!!

Today I don't look the Latin homework with good eyes. Today I didn't look the teacher with good eyes. We must move the cinema-day to another one ¬¬ :
Stupid teacher...
I don't like saying that to a teacher, but now I'm right, I now I am. Am I????


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