Dec 9, 2011


Hello everybody, how are you doing today??

Confidence. What's that??? ^^ It's the... capacity of belive in yourself. Isn't it??
Sometimes it's difficult to be confident. Or maybe it's difficult for me.
When I wrote the first entry of this blog, I wasn't sure if I should publish it. I have no self-confidence. I need somebody to push me up, to give me his/her confidence. WHY?
Today I went out with a different hair-cut. Nobody said anything to me, but I wasn't sure of it until the lessons finished.
Today I read something about "typical teenagers-life blogs". Yet I'm not sure if I should continue writing here. Should I?

Maybe nobody can help me now. Maybe I must carry on alone, pushing me up...

I only want an answer. Can someone give me one? Please? Is SOMEONE there? Somebody reading this? Come on!!


P.S: This is a musical video from my favourite Disney-movie, Lemonade Mouth...


  1. Hi Maria, you should continue writting!
    I changed my look too :)
    PS. I love Lemonade Mouth !

  2. Thanks Anonymous, I'll continue :)