Dec 10, 2011

That kind of things...

that only really good friends do.
Hi!! Today I listened to "More than a Band" (Lemonade Mouth) and I knew that there are things that only good friends do for you.
I want you to read this blog: Valo Pimeys (
Pimeys published an entry telling good thinks about my blog, and I'm going to do the same ^^. She writes about things like Education, Crisis etc, she began to write in Spanish, but now she writes in English... (explanation in her blog).
I want to dedicate this entry and the following song to Pimeys... You're one of the best things of my world =D

I know it's not your favourite kind of music, but I hope you like it...



  1. I love you!! I'm gonna cry!!

  2. Don't cry, I'm only beeing sincere :)

  3. I love this site seriously, I love, so sige. :)