Nov 22, 2011

Sixx AM Lyrics

Hi everybody!!! Hope you're well. Today I'm tired of making exams (3 in 3 hours) and studying Becquer's Legends.
Today, one friend recomended me to read the Lyrics of Sixx AM. I have already done it, and I found that Lyrics impressionantly expresive and beautiful. Tomorrow I'll listen to the songs, so then I will tell you what I think about them.

So, today I haven't got much time, so I will let this "entry" in 7-8 lines, I hope you'll excuse me. Maybe you want to participate in the survey at the left of the blog to help me to decide about what I should write more?? I would be very happy if you make that for me. :)

P.S: I think Becquer's Legends are impressionant. My favourite one is "Moon Ray". You should read them and also his rimes. They're beautiful and very expresive. =)

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