Nov 23, 2011

Highschool Girl

Waking up in the middle of the night and remember the face of the other girls and boys when you say something out of the rules, something different.
I know why I usually be on the defensive: 'Cause they can hurt me, when I don't care enough about me. When you don't feel well, people like to look at you at your back and whisper something to his/her neighbour.
I remember that times that they were laughing at me. That's the reason because I'm always on the deffensive. I don't trust them. I trust my family and my best friends. But I don't trust that "false friends", that kind of persons with a false smile. I hate them.
I needed to write this down for you. I need to tell the world what happened to me. Because I'm sure that happened to more people, and they need forces to keep on dreaming, keep on trying, keep on. Isn't that true?



  1. I will be forever with you... ^^

  2. Thanks pimeys ^^ Sometimes knowing that somewhere in the world, somebody is "listening" to you makes me wanna keep on trying =)