Nov 21, 2011


When I woke up, I wished that people looked into my blog once-twice a week to read what I write. I like to write here because I know somebody is reading it. Because somebody (Pimeys :) ) gave me force to continue, to continue.
When I was small, my wishes were very, very strange (like seeing an unicorn or things like that). Now, my wishes are bigger, more difficult and more realistic.
I wish that, someday, there will be world-wide Peace. I wish for love, for friendship, for health. I wish for lots of things. I wanna this world to become better. I want it. I WISH it.
I hope you've smiled reading this. It's not a normal thing wishing this at my 16 years. Isn't it? Maybe yes? You can tell me, don't be shy (as me ^^ ). You can let a commentary or only thinking it in your mind.

Maria =)

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