Nov 20, 2011


Hi!!! Today I feel somebody is reading this (??). I hope so ^^.
Yesterday I went to an Opera. It was fantastic! It was the first time I was in one, so I was very excited. I have been in Musicals, Theatres and concerts, but never in an Opera!
I heared it in Original Version, in German, and it was amazing! I loved the story and recomend the Opera to everyone who likes trying new things.
When I was little, I used to hate Opera. I thought older persons were crazy when they listened to it and smiled. But sometimes we must forget what we used to think and only let you fly into this undiscovered type of music, 'cause it's the only way to understand something: forgetting about prejudices.
I hope you understand what I mean. Later I will post a new story, I thing about Different-Styles-Wearing-People and the People-Who-Don't-Like-Different-People.

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