Nov 19, 2011

Classical Music

Hello everyone (for second time this day).
I'm listening to Haydn's music yet. Yep, classical music. Sure you're thinking I've lost my head, but I haven't. Classical music is really relaxing when you are studying maths. You should try it.
Haydn's "Creation" is really amazing, with an impressionant chorus. Obviusly, I don't hear classical music all the time. I prefer my "Fearless" CD from Taylor Swift. But classical music changed the history. We don't have to forget that. It's our history, how we have improved. A comparation between boring music from the age of the vikings and Mozart, Beethoven or Vivaldi (or Haydn) is impressionant. Isn't it?
You should really try it. Maybe I'M getting crazy. Maybe. I like trying new things. Thinks such listening to other kind of music. Maybe tomorrow I'm listening to Guns 'n Roses or AC-DC. I don't know.

Bye Bye one more time!!

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