Feb 10, 2012

I wanted the world to hear me

Hey! How are you doing? I hope you're well, you're happy, you're here.
Some months ago, I think it doesn't make half a year, I started this blog. I started 'cuz the unit we were seeing in English was about bloggers, blogs etc.
I had blogs before, I have blogs and webs since I'm five. But I wanted a real project. I wanted the world to hear me. I didn't want to be another more, writing for anyone.
I want to be heared. And I think I am.
So, I opened a blog. I designed it carefully, 'cuz I love design and wanted it to be good. I had weird blogs before, but I assume it's because Blogger changed its interface to better one this time. I hope you've liked it, because I'm not going to change it, 'cause people need something to reconize it. I wonder if they do. If you do.

And...Here I am. Writing my story for you. Now, I wonder if somebody is reading this. I look all the days of the week my page-views, watching they increase. I feel happy about every one of you that come in, even if it's only one time in your entire life.
I saw American, English, Japanese, Indian, Russian, German, Eastern Europe, Southern American people here. I wished them all to come back, because I'm proud of myself. Today, it's Me, My Music, Myself. And nothing is going to make that change.

Thanks for reading me, readers. I'll be for ever with you, I hope you'd do the same.
Only one last thing: The "Donate" button is there for something ;) Please, if you're not allowed to donate money, ask your parents to do it, or make them read the "Donations" entry.

Thank you...<3



  1. Really enjoyed reading this and I hope you continue to post. Out of curiosity, since you mentioned people from all over the world reading, what part are you from? Im from North America and southern United States :)

    1. Hey! Thanks, thanks, reader ;) I'll write more tonight, I'm from Europe, that's the reason because we've different timings ;)

    2. Ahh ok! Thats what I was thinking! Well have a wonderful day then!!

    3. Really? Funny things :3 You too, or sleep well, if you're going to... :)