Feb 9, 2012

When he Smiles...

How are you doing? I'm fine. This week I was two times in the indoor-swimmingpool with my highschool-classmates. It was fun, and I loved to swim, because in Winter it is difficult to swim outdoors ;)

I met a boy. He has got girlfriend, but it's normal, he's handsome. I spoke with him the first time since I saw him the very first time in the highschool,during my first year.
And, belive me or not, I found out he has the most beautiful, sincere and sweet smile I could ever imagine in boy's lips.
Okay, I don't meet lots of boys every day, but... Understand me, sure I don't know you boys, and sure you have a pretty smile...

"You've a smile that could light up this whole town"...


P.S: Image of WeHeartIt.com



  1. Well he sounds like a nice guy! Im sure you will find one, who knows... relationships don't last forever? Maybe you could end up with him ;)

    1. Hi! Yeah, he is, really *-* (<<<InLoveGirl) Maybe...You're right, hope is the last thing I'll lose =D