Nov 19, 2011

Only let me listen to my music

Hi everybody, hope you've sleep well and you've just woken up and went to the computer to see what I have written today. Not necessary, you can sleep a little bit more and come later ^^.
Today I'm going to talk about...My music? Oh, I haven't seem that I said that already in the title ;)

I like my mp3 player. It's not that "pretty style" of mp3-4-5 player with a lot of memory, special features und so on. It's a normal, pink mp3 player. My mp3 player it's like Apple's Shuffle and looks like it. The battery works for hours without saying nothing.
But this page is not going to be around my mp3 player. Of course not. It's going to be around what I have in it. My music.
People likes to talk to you when you're listening to music. Not your friends, obviusly, because sure you will stand up to talk with them. But not them, the rest of the people.
And that people don't talk to you to say "How are you doing today?" or "Did you have a nice weekend?". Not. They ask: "What are you listening to?"
1. Why it's interessting to you what I'm listening, when you're not going to talk to me the rest of the week?
2.You anwser: I'm listening to Selena Gomez's new song, A Day without you is like a year without Rain. The person looks you with a strange face and goes fastly to tell to his/her friends what music I'm listening.
At that moments, I only think one thing before starting again to listen the song: Idiot.

But I can't do anything, so I'll hope someday people will know that the other one's can listen to the kind of music they like. Ok, it's strange have 16 years and listen to Disney's Stars music, but people also thinks I can't listen to "Hombres G" because they are from the 80's.
What can we do? Nothing. Only hoping they will read this and that the next day you see them they ask "How are you?" Instead of "Come on, say me what 're you listening to, I wanna laugh with my friends about it."

Bye bye, friends, I'll write more today, or tomorrow. Maybe then I'll talk about people and their problems with different-styles-wearing-people.


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