Nov 18, 2011


Hi. My name's Maria, and I'm a sixteen years old teenager.
I wanted to write a blog becauese maybe most of the things that happen to me, or that I feel 'r the same as your's. Or not?
Talking about me, I'm a loyal, friendly and outgoing person who likes to learn new things everyday.
 I love blue, but not dark blue or too light blue. I like this blue. I also like listening to pop music. Not Justin Bieber's pop music (please, fans excuse me ^^), but Selena Gómez's pop music, or Rihanna's... I also like some country-music, like Taylor Swift's one. Taylor Swift's song "Love Story" or "Breathe" are my favourite ones.

Today I'm going to write about presentations. Not Power Point presentations [;)], but other-people-meeting presentations.
I'm shy. It's difficult to me to do new friends. But I like meeting new people. But sometimes I talk to somebody who I met few years ago and I realise he or she knows the past "Maria", not the actual one. And at that moments, I think people don't want to see that you've changed. Why all my class knows me like the serious, not-outgoing girl that I was 3 years ago???? Don't know. Sometimes we can't change some things, but I only wanted to share it with you.

Ok, I haven't finished yet with my-World-is-changing-Ideas, but my time's running out and I'm sure you haven't enough time to listening (or reading) to me the rest of your life.

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