Nov 20, 2011

Philosophical thinking

Hi! I know I was asked to talk about clothes, but I was studying Philosophy and I felt inspired by a text about helping other people without asking nothing for it.
Sometimes you really need help, a person who consoles you, who makes you laugh when you know you are about to cry...
Sometimes people see you don't feel well and come to ask you what happened, but only to tell it to his/her friends. Why people is so SELFISH?
Excepting real friends, other people usually don't care about you, because "it's not with me". How? Of course it is with you! The next time you don't feel well, I'm going to go with you to make you smile, altough it is for a while.
Of course it is not your obligation to help somebody, but you should do it to make this world better. Do you agree with me, or not?

Come on, let us make the Earth a better place for everyone! (this sounds like an ecologist announcement, but I'm saying it seriously :) )

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