Jul 28, 2012

When you're about to lose everything

Hello, goodnight, good morning or good afternoon or whatever you've.

Today...Uhm, today I'd like to talk about when you feel you love someone. You feel it when you're about to lose him or her. When you know you may not to see him tomorrow, or next month. Or when you know you won't hear his laugh, or learn how his eyes light up when he smile... OMG. I hate saying all this. But I'm so scared of losing him... I need him next to me, among the distance, it's okay. But I need him, I can't breathe without him. And I cannot do anything from here. I feel so useless... I'd love to be next to him, hold his hand and whisper words in his ear, and tell him I love him, and look into his green eyes and fall in love once more. Once upon a time, I did, I fell in love with his words. And now I'm about to lose him. WHY? Why him? Why happen this to me? Agh. The Odds were never in my favour, were they? I just have to cross my fingers. And, I promise, with a cross over my heart, that I'll give my best if he comes back. I promise... And I promise it here, in front of all the world. I'll give my best in class, at home, with my little sister and with everyone. And with him. I know I don't have to promise that last. It's so obvious...I love him.

Please, my darling. I'll be waiting for you... I need you.


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