Jul 27, 2012

2 Days without computer...

Hey guuys. I know I did not write for 2 days actually, my parents have just lift my non-computer-use-for-the-whole-day punishment. Agh, I hate that kinda punishments, I can't stand they treat me like a little girl. I know, sometimes I act as one, but they actually don't know I'm in love and that stuff you know.
But it's allright, I'll use my half-an-hour before going to Pimey's house to write something for you. I've been thinking a lot this two days about everything in life. Boys, girls, friends, love, highschool, studies, jobs and travels.

I think love is so relative. People use to say that love is related with phisical atraction. And it is, but...Sometimes, if you don't see that person, you know his/her character, without complexes. And about love... Love can make you feel like crazy, like you can't see anything else than he/she, and it's so... adsadadsds. And you know he belongs with you, in my case, and you know you want him here, by your side. But noooo. That cannot be. I hate the distance, I really do. As more as you think about him/her, more you want him/her near. And it's really frustrating.

About friendship... Oh, I think I know a little bit about this. I don't believe in people that has lots of friends and all of them are kinda forever and always...No, no. You can have your 'friends' but real friends are maybe 2 or 3. In my case, I HAVE to mention my lovely Pimeys. She's always there when I need her and she listens to all my love problems and family problems and crazy ideas xD I'll try to be as a good friend as she is for me.

I have really a doubt about how boys and girls live love. I don't think they live it the same way, and also in friendship they think different. I told a boy - one of my friends - the reason why I had an argue with an old-not-more-friend and he told me he wouldn't fight with a friend for that stupid thing. I was like WTF?! It's not something stupid, excuse me? Agh, I felt like misunderstood and I had to tell a girl. Cuz I think friendship in boys is maybe stronger, but also less based in confidence. If I'm wrong, I'll love you to write it in a comment, everything will be welcome :3

And in love...Oh, I think girls are more romantic. Not all the girls, I don't wanna be the one who tells you you have to be romantic. I'm only talking about most of us. Maybe it's because of our education, or because of religion. I actually don't believe in God, but I try to respect all ideas. But I have to admitt I'm VERY, VERY romantic. But also boys know how to be romantic, but it's considered less-masculine to show that. I really hate when a boy has to be sensible and he acts like a hard-guy. Agh.

Okay, about studies... I'm sick of doing summer-homework. I've got excellent marks! Why should I do them? T_T But I do, and I try to make the best of me so I won't forget what I've learned before... But I've it clear, I will make my own business when I grow up. I don't wanna have a boss and do that and do that other thing and blablalbalba.

Okay, I hope you didn't get bored of all my 2-days-without-computer-thoughts...


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