May 23, 2012

Let me down

Hey guys. Hope you're fine and happy :)
I'm not at all fine. Okay, I'll be sincere... I'm not okay. I was too brave and I told they boy I like I liked him. And he only want us to be friends.
At first, I felt destroyed. Maybe I shouldn't have told him I liked him, maybe I should have waited. Or maybe not, cuz he's not going to stay at the same highschool next year...

I wanna thank my little sis, my mum and Pimeys for helping me so much when I needed it. Thanks, thanks, lots of love. I don't know what I would be without you.

Okay, and... For telling you something that could interest you, I'm gonna make a Top5 favourite songs of this week e_è.

5. Call me Maybe...

4.Best day. For my mum.

3. Today was a Fairytale...
You were the prinz.

2. What makes you beautiful

1. Girl on Fire ~ Arshad

I'm not a piece of their games, they can't control me (8)


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