May 24, 2012

He's the song I keep singing...

He's the song in the car I keep singing don't know why I do...
Okay, sure you're sick of me and my love and my heart crushes and my heart breaks. Sorry my lovely readers >.< I hope I'll be fine again in few days and I can write again happy things and something interesting. I should asume that he doesn't love me -actually, I did- but now I feel lost cuz... He's so far away right now. Not phisically, but as friend. We were really good friends, I think, but now... What will happen right now?

Nobody knows.

I need help. Help... Someone to help me? Okay, I'm not waiting for a "Sigmund Freud" to come, but... could you comment, or rate what I write, or follow...?

Love you


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