Mar 15, 2012

Sad; Again

Hi people. I'm writing before going to highschool today.
I'm very sad, I had a discussion with my family, with my parents.
And I don't understand how they can treat me like they are doing. It's so unfair...

But I'm gonna go to the highschool now and I'll need to hide my feelings, I don't want shallow people trying to make me trust them.
I'm going to do a theatre audience for the main female character today. I wish I was happy to do it, but I'm not gonna be okay in three hours. Do I?

This goes for all who support me now and always, I love you all, that audience goes for you, I'll give my best for all my friends.


P.S: Determinate and She's so gone, cuz they were two songs that made me not cry this morning.

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