Mar 12, 2012

All you are is Mean~

And all you are is mean, and mean, and mean, and Mean... Someday, I'll be, living in a big old city, and all you ever gonna be is mean...

Someday, I'll be, big enough so you can't hit me, and all you're ever gonna be is MEAN.

This entry is for everyone being hitted, laughed out or everything that hurts him/her. Don't let them push you down, you're gonna be something more than them.

You should look them in their eyes and say: "All you are is Mean..."
I like songs that have beautiful lyrics. I like "Mean" because it's just like I am. I fell down and I rose powerfully.
I like "She's so Gone" 'cuz the girl I used to be...She's so gone, away... And if you want her back just let her shine.
I like "You're not Sorry" cause I can't forgive some things. I can forget to be happy, but you're not gonna come around and let me down.
I like "It's allright, Ok" because you won't let me down again, I'm stronger now...
I like "Fix a Heart" even if I cry when I listen to it.

I like so many songs that I couldn't write them all here... What are your favourite songs? Is it that difficult to let a COMMENT for me? Thx ^^



  1. Hello beauty,
    Today I couldn't talk to you, just wanted to say a few things:
    1) I really liked that song
    2) Some of my favorite songs are these:

    3) I love you <3


    1. Hi DLM ^^
      Thx for the comment, I was very happy for it :D
      That songs are beautiful, I really loved them <3
      Lots of Love <3