Mar 4, 2012

Me, MY MUSIC, Myself

Helloooow dear readers ^^
How are you doing? Hope you've finished exams, like me.
Today I wanna talk about music, I haven't done it since January, I realise...
Sometimes, your listening music quietly sitting on the floor, without doing anything else, and somebody comes and asks you what you're listening to. Yeah, I know this was something I wrote in one of my first entries... But it continue happening, so I'll continue talking... (<<Can't live without talking) e.e

Okay, I like Taylor Swift, I'm completly #Swiftie. I like Hombres G, a Spanish 80s music group. I like Demi Lovato and I love Selena's songs. I like Disney music and I can't stand some kinds of music like Justin Biebers (Sorry, if some belieber is reading this :S)

But...What's wrong with that? Why cannot I listen to them? I know, they are "oldfashioned", "slow songs", "Disney"... You can tell me hundreds of adjectives to describe my music. But it's my music, Okay?
And I won't change it. I don't listen to the latest songs, I won't do. It's me, my music, myself. And Nobody can change it.


P.S: Images of my drawings will come, be patient, please <3
"Fix a Heart", Demi Lovato. My BFF recommended it to me. Love you beauty ^^
I cried listening to this song. I love it.

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