Mar 1, 2012

Finishing exams...

Hi! Sorry for "forgetting" you a little bit. You know I'm not pleased doing it. I've missed a lot writing in here...
I was a little bit stressed because of the exams. I really hate being asked for things I learned, 'cause people should study for learning something for their life, not to take an exam and passing it...Don't you think so?
Okay, I must leave for dentist. I would love to write something more, but world's decided to don't let me go ._.

Hope you have some relax now after exams, or maybe you're starting them yet. In that case, you'll do it well. Good luck! :)


P.S: First time using Gimp. I know I'm better with, but I'm trying to improve. You'll see my drawings next week... Would you like to see them?

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