Feb 8, 2012

What I want is what I don't have. Real or not real?

Heeelloooooowww :D Today I'm happy. I'm happy cuz...Don't know, I'm happy.
I love you all reading my blog. It's really, really exciting, see the visits increase, people worry about you and comment in your entries... I've to say THANK YOU to all of you <3

Okay, today I want to make you ask yourself something. What do I want? I want everything I don't have or cannot have. We also want better things.
I do, I'm not special in that way. But we have to learn to wish/want good things, not only " I want this because...I want it".
Yeah, I've read this in some philosophycal books, but I think we have to love what we have instead of wishing what we don't have.
Sometimes, we get obsessive about what we don't have and forget what we have...

I'm not going to wish anymore what I don't have, or I'll try it, at least.
I'm going to get it...And you? We are going to be the good-wishing-teenagers...Real, or not real? ^^


P.S: Retouched in Picnik.com by "moi", photo from WeHeartIt.com

"Learn to Fly"...And "Learn to wish" ;)


  1. Interesting question that I will have to think on... Thanks for posting! :D

    1. Thanks to you for reading :) Everybody is going to think about it, sure ;)

    2. Well I will do my best to live like that as well!

    3. Okay, we'll try it together, dear reader ;)
      I'll go to highschool with my biggest smile today, 4 everybody reading me :D