Feb 8, 2012


Yeaaaaaaaaahhhh... Emm...Sorry, hi, I'm here again (<<<If you haven't noticed it yet ;))

Okay, I want to recommend you a song. If are a Swiftie or like similar singers, you'll love it. If you're a Mockingjay, too. 
Today, I've listened to that song. I rememberd a scence of THG. I'm going to explain it easily so people that haven't read the book yet understand me.
A little girl, 12 years, friend of the main character, Katniss, is killed in some "plays" in which you must kill everyone to come out alive.
Katniss sings and put flowers on Rue's body (the girl that is dying) so everyone can see that she was special... Rue was, really. Katniss wanted to show the Capitol (the governament) that they are doing something very cruel killing inocent kids.


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