Feb 1, 2012

Love...Or Friendship

Helloooooooowwww again today e.e
I'm very, very, very tired today, but I want to write a little bit before I start doing my boring homework and studying.
I hate that word: "Love"
Everybody talks about love. Love is beautiful, I'm not going to discuss that, 'cause I fell in love more than one time, but it's also...Painful. I can't remember only ONE time I fell in love that it wasn't painful. I don't wanna tell you my love-problems because then this would be a tipical-teenager-boring-blog.
But... I know somebody in this world is listening to me today. I feel I can't resist looking at him. It's strange, it is special. I like it, but it's too difficult. Too painful to try it.
Sometimes, it's better to let the water go on, don't stop it. Stopping it can break something magic, like friendship.


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