Jan 9, 2013


I guess hipsters are people who like 'Apple', dress with Converse nd Vans and like commercial pop music. Then I could be a kind of hipster.
I love Taylor Swift, I'm a lovely swiftie, I love THG and Harry Potter, I'm a freak, I can be a nerd. I love the smell of new books and I hate people who throws them without caring about them. I love my old toys. I continue sleeping with them. I write in my free time, I love drawing on the table, and on paper. I'm shy but I could talk under the water if I wanted to.

And that's who I am, guys.
If you don't like it, look away. This time, I'll be Stronger, Fearless and live my Teenage dream.

1 comment:

  1. You're just perfect. Remember that always.


    Recuerda, la cabeza alta. Sonríe. ¡Te van a adorar! ~ Cinna, los Juegos del Hambre, p.80