Oct 27, 2012

Taylor Swift ;; ¿Comercial pop or country?

Hey guys. Today I was listening to some of Taylor Swift's new songs of her new album, 'Red'. Sincerely, I'm a bit disappointed. I was expecting my country-girl with some new songs, like 'We are never ever getting back together', but I found more commercial pop than country. I don't know how other Swifties reacted to this, but I was like... omg, what happened here?
I like 'Red', it's beautiful, but...Oh god, her better songs seem to be at the end of the album.

I'm going to listen to each of them and tell you what I think about them... I'd love you to tell me what you think.

State of Grace --> It doesn't sound like her. It seems to be like trying to sound to anyone else not Taylor.
Red --> I like the lyrics, and even if it wants to sound a little bit like pop, I like it. I love the way she compares colors with feelings. <3 I don't like the background voice saying 'Rererered' cuz it makes it all sound a little artificial, I'd love only Tays voice.
Treacherous --> IT SOUNDS LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT X_X I really was impressed of the sweet voice with the guitar and I was missing that so much <33.

I finish tomorrow, guys, I'm ill and I've no forces to keep on xD

Pimeys...You know I trust you to death. And I know I can trust you until the very end. This goes for you... I hope one day, you and I'll be fearless.

And now, guys, look a the survey at left and, PLEASE, vote.

Love you.



  1. hello. Have a prize on my blog, but the questions are in Spanish can also do them in English

    1. Thank you so much! I'll answer them tomorrow, I promise x.x
      A big kiss 4 you
      Love ya.