Oct 13, 2012

Society. Fuck up, c'mon.

Hey guys. Right now I'm a bit upset, you know. I've just watched a film called 'A big child' or something like that, and I've noticed how cruel society is. Oh, right, I didn't notice right now. I noticed when I started being myself... They like crushing down the ones who are different, don't they?

OMG. Why? Why are you so cruel? Mean? Do you like that? Do you enjoy? C'mon, grow up dude. You're not better cuz you laugh out somebody. Would you like being laughed out? You wouldn't, I bet.

I just hate that. I hate seeing what you guys are doing with the world. Of course, I'm not talking directly with my readers. I hope they didn't laugh out anybody...Or just they won't do it again. Because it's that what I write for. I want you to listen, to pay attention. And to look at you and think who you are and what you are doing with your life...

Be true, be you.

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