Oct 24, 2012

Dear Love.

Hey guys. I know I didn't write yesterday, I really had homework and no mood to write. I wrote a horror story too, for school.
Today I've cried. Uhm... yeah, it doesn't sound that interessant here, but in my mind it did xD. I mean... I cried - again . I don't know really, but I think parents don't understand how teenagers feel. We aren't stupid, we also feel and... Oh, man, I just wanted one person to love me. ¿It's that so complicated?

I'll stop writing, darlings.

Love ya


  1. hello :) I finally worthy to leave you a comment. I really like your blolg, but walk with the translator is a bit cumbersome lol.

    Guapa, any father would understand but you do not cry, I feel bad seeing mourn someone as good as your

    1. Thanks, Yahira :)
      I hope you keep on reading me, and I'll try not to cry.
      Lots of love.