Oct 2, 2012

Miss you & smile

Hey guys.
Today, I'm writing for 2 important persons here. Wait, not 2, but 3.
First of all, my darling, Pimeys, don't cry. C'mon, you know you're better than they. World is hard, you know. But you have to get over it, and I'll stand on your side until the very end.

DLM. Tai. Please, come back, I miss ya. Really, I cannot listen to Michael Teló without thinking on you. I keep waiting for some signal in the sky that tells me you're okay.

D... Everybody makes mistakes. I do. Don't worry more. I'm not that kinda people that will torture u until you die.

Don't forget to be next to the people you love, guys.



  1. http://beabiofrutas.blogspot.com.es/2012/03/sal-con-un-friki.html lee esto, es super chulo.

  2. Es precioso. Maria llorando en 3,2,1...