Sep 10, 2012

I promised.

Hey, guys. I know I'd have written yesterday, but I didn't. So, today I'll talk about parents. I think they're a weird thing. They want us to grow up, but when we do, they want us to stand next to them, to be their little children again. I really love my mum and dad, but sometimes I think they don't understand me. I cannot live without music, but when I turn on music while helping in the kitchen I've to stop music cuz they're reading. OMG. When I read, I never ask them to turn music down, or to talk little bit lower. I know, they are my parents, but...AGH.

This days I've more arguments with them. I don't know why, I actually think it's cuz they don't understand I'm changing and I'm not gonna stand next to their ideas all the time. I hope they understand it...

Sometimes, I feel like...

And I need crying out everything. I really feel like Effy Stonem. She looked that weird way the first chapter, but I discovered we could be similar. I don't like drugs, sex nd rock n' roll, but I'm the same way afraid of what I do, I feel unconfident the same way...

Another thing I wanna talk about is about a tv serie, Skins. I really love it, it's great!!
I'm completly in love with Freddy - Luke Pasqualino *-* - and I can't stop watching one and another chapter.

Awwww *-*


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