Sep 13, 2012

First day of high school, again.

Hey guys. First of all, I wanna thank everyone who's reading this...
Today was my first day of high school after summer holidays. My little sis goes to high school with me now, already. I was as nervous as she was ^^. I've been for 4 years in this high school, and I feel like it was yesterday the first time I stepped into it and looked at the senior boys and the first time I felt miserable cuz a boy told me I was ugly...

I actually don't know what I'm writing, I had an argument with my dad and it's okay now, but my head spins round and I don't focus in what I'm writing.

I just wanna say... I like a guy. He may be reading this, or maybe not, who knows. Uhm... If you're reading this, I like the way you smile.


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