Aug 5, 2012


Hey guys. How you doing? I'm fine, I only hope you're reading this. I wanted the world to hear me... I hope the world is listening. Right now it's raining. And the sound of teardrops is coming into my room and it sounds that relaxing... There's the smell of rain too. It smells like magic... And right now, I'm thinking about mistakes u do in life. That friend you lost, that boy you never told 'I like you'...

Life is that kinda agh.I'll need strenght to go over this. I hope tomorrow, when I write 4 you, I can do it from my new iMac. I'll tell you ;)

Oh, I was going to write about mistakes. Yeah, people goes through life saying 'I always understand we're humans and we make mistakes' but when you make one, no one forgets. There'll be always people telling you what you did wrong, even if you did hundrets of things right...

You think the same?


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