Aug 7, 2012

Keep your eyes open

Hey guys. I know, I always start this way. Hope you can understand I've token this 'routine'. I'm writing in my new iMac. It really works great. But I won't let you down cuz of this. I'd miss you if I don't write. I don't know if you'd miss me... Maybe yes, maybe not. It's allright. Uhm... Yeah, I wanted to talk about that song, Eyes Open, of Taylor Swift. Did you listen to it? I have just finished doing it. Right now, while I'm writing this paragraph, I'm listening to a cover of 'Fix a Heart'. And...I just felt inspired to write something long. I hope I get it long enough so you see I felt inspired xDD

Okay, now I'm listening to 'Hit the lights'. I need something less romantic to write this. Sometimes, in life, people isn't that good persons they should. And you have to take care of your heart, cuz nobody else will do it. Nor your friends, nor your boy/girlfriend, nor nobody. Maybe your little or big sister or brother, maybe your parents. But sometimes, they're not around. And you have to be strong and be yourself. And take care of your by your own.

I'd love you if you aren't hurt in any moment. Really. I can't take care about my heart full time. I think Pimeys knows what I'm talking about. I know she does... And my little sister also does. And I've to thank they both for everything. I should also thanks mum and dad, but I think I talked too much about them this two days xDD

Don't let anyone break your heart, or hurt you anyway. They can't do it if you don't want to. But I'm a stupid romantic girl and they always try to break 'Perfectly good hearts'.

Okay, stop of 'broken hearts'. Today, I'll start to live life sec to sec.

¿You thought I might be weak? Okay, cuz I'm not weak today. I'm not feeling that way tonight. Now I believe in me. And I'm better than you ever thought I'd be. And it seems like the jokes are on you, cuz the girl that you thought you knew... She's so gone.

And this is life, darlings. And we'll have to learn to live it. And I'm gonna start tonight. What about you? Ha? I hope we can do this together. Cuz you're reading this right now. And that's why I love you.  Because you read me, you know when I'm feeling great and when I'm about to cry. Cause I see your comments and your votes in the surveys, and I only can smile, smile and dream about people all around the world reading my words. I really, really, really love you, each one of you. I won't forget you. And I'll grow up, and this will start to be an thoughts blog, and maybe I don't write about teenager things anymore. I don't like thinking like this, but it could happen. But I'll always have you.



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