Aug 12, 2012

I remember tears streaming down your faces

Dear readers. Today...Okay, today I feel like the world's falling over me and I cannot do anything. I had a beautiful day...But I 'dreamed' with him while I was listening to music and now I don't feel great anymore.
Sometimes I don't remember how it's about to hurt. And know I remember. I miss him so much. I loved him so much, I'd give everything to have him again by my side. And it's horrible, I just want him here, or anywhere, but not dead...Not dead. I just wanted him safe and sound... I just wanna cry right here, right now. And my head hurts so much... Come back, my love. Come back, darling. Let us dream one next each other once more.

I love you, Leo. I miss you so much.

For a girl that just lost somebody important for her... He was brave, you know. 'The bests die...and you, bro, were the best'. Kat, we'll go through this together.



  1. I'm here for you, don't worry, I will make you safe and sound. We can do this togheter.

    1. Awww *_* I love you so much. Thanks for being such a good friend, and for being here for me. We can do it...
      + You love me, real or not real? - Real.