Aug 16, 2012

5 Days

Heeeey guys ^^ I've to tell you something, I'm going to go on holidays - Yeeeaaaaaah 8) - and I'm not going to have a pc to write - T______T - but I warn you, I want you here reading what you didn't read before, or something, or commenting or telling your BF about my blog (?)

I'll miss you a lot, cuties. Hope you don't miss me a lot.

I want to say something for a person that signed as D.L.M... I miss you, darling. I know you'll come back once more, but right now I miss you too much.
For Catnip, I love you, but I don't understand the way I do...
Ariel, thx for reading my blog, Strangie, if you're reading this, thx for you too...

And Pimeys...I love you, you know, sure you do. BF 4 ever and always.


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