Jul 30, 2012


Hey guys.
Today I wanna talk about hope. I felt hopeless yesterday, but I'm okay. I just needed to take back my hope, put it again in my heart, push it back to my life. Cuz a life without hope...You really want a life without it?
I'm always trying to make my hope stand by me. It's difficult, I know. Cuz sometimes I cannot believe in me. That's why the song I'll post here tonight is "Believe in Me" sung by Demi Lovato. Yeah, I know, Disney Again, but... It's just beautiful. The lyrics, the way it's sung.

The song uses to make me cry. It does. But when I'm sad I cannot stop listening to it. One, two, three, hundrets of times. It's like I love making me sad, but I don't. It's just I need to hear what my heart's saying. And, sometimes, it cries out its tears with songs. It's like when you love someone and you listen to 'Love Story' or when you're boy/girlfriend left and you listen to 'Someone like you'. It's the same...

' We believe in you. I believe in you. '


I'll love you 4everndalways

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