Jul 22, 2012

Golden Heart

It's that moment when you feel like you don't know that other person. It's that moment when you don't know if he's angry or not. It's that moment when you feel lost, you only want him to explain, to make u understand what's happening. But nothing, here's the silence. And, actually, I hate that silence. I want you to tell me, I really do. Why is it so difficult? Why? You know I'll understand. I always do. I can assume you don't want me to come near, but I gave everything to be with you. So don't let me down. I'm not a bad girl. I'm only a little girl trying to find a place in this world. I'm just that one that sits down at the floor and cries for you, and whose tearse stream down her face when you aren't okay. And that one that will always love you, don't matter what happen. Cuz that's what love about, isn't it? But I want also want you to love me the same way. I know you do, I really believe in everything you say. But I need you to make me see it. Love is something u don't tell only with words. Your words are beautiful and sound like music in my ears. And you know how I like music. But I need that kiss, that sitting on the floor and talking the whole afternoon. I need that hug, that "everything's gonna be okay". I need to be okay. I have to believe in me, and, actually, I don't. They tell me I've got a golden heart, and I have. Don't let my heart break again. It was broken so many times, but I did not kiss a boy. Great, isn't it? I would let u give me my first kiss if you weren't so far away from me.

With love.


P.D: Photoshop art by Innocence <<< Me.


  1. Sometimes, you meet a person. Someone nice, someone good... Someone who understands you. And you understand that person.

    You start to talk, you become friends, or more that just friends... And you think that it will be so all your life.

    But that's not true. And you see that when that person changes. Maybe he meets new friends, maybe he has a new hobby, or something else... But he changes. Or maybe you are changing??? You listen another music, or wear another clothes, or meet new friends, or you have new points of view about the life, the future, the world...

    But, if you aren't together, it so hard to adapt that changes. One day, you talk to him and you say: "OMG, did I really know him?"

    There, you think that the life will never give you another nice person, that you can't talk to him anymore... You still miss him, but you are scared. What happens if you talk to him? Can he accept your changes? Can you accept his changes? Can you still be friends?

    Of course you can. Just don't think that he is the only person in this world who can understand you. There will be more. You're still so young... Just wait. The life will give you another chance, I'm sure.

    People change, the world changes, and you change with it. Just keep living, don't try to stay always in one period of your life.

    And someday, you'll find that happiness that you are looking for.

    1. Dear Anonymous Reader.
      First of all, thanks for reading my blog and spending some of your time to write your comment. I really love people doing it, cuz it makes me feel listened. And I hope you're right, I hope I find that happiness. I mean, I'm not an un-happy person, but sometimes I get scared of life and of love... Sure you know what I mean. And thx for saying that about my PS art >.<

      With love.

  2. By the way, your Photoshop art is very cute ^^