Jun 22, 2012


Today I feel lucky of having on my side my friends, my family, and my readers. Everyone that reads my blog, that reads my words, my thoughts, every little thing I give to the world.

But right now I've a very special person I wanna talk to: Pimeys. Yesterday, you spoke with me things I'd never tell anyone of my friends. That's what make you different from them: You're the best. You're my best friend, and I hope no one can ever make us argue so hard we never talk each other... I won't, I promise. And now the entire world can see it, can see my promise of friendship. Cuz you're the first one I tell this, even if you think I give love to everybody, I don't. My real love is only for real friends. And you're one of them.

Take care of my heart (?) Okay, that sounds that kind of extremly cute xD

I love you all.


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