Jun 24, 2012

A Game of Thrones

Heeeey guys. How are you doing?
I'm fine, summer holidays are starting and I'm going to go to the beach... I want to have some fun and don't think about studies - even if my mum wants me to do summer activities... - so I warn you, I won't write anything from Day 2 (July) to 9 ... I hope you won't miss me.
I want you to have VERY COOL holidays, and enjoy and go out with your friends and study if you have to, but there's also time to spend with friends and family, don't forget it ;)

And, as you've seen in the title of this entry, I want to read A Game of Thrones. I'm thinking about reading it in English, I only have to convince my dad to buy it for me .___.'' Wish me good luck, guys xD

Right now, I'm reading "Sorry if I call you love" of Moccia, it's an easy book, but I really want to read A Game of Thrones. I'm also reading for third time Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, and also Pride and Prejuice, to practise my English more than I do usually xD I'm also gonna read "Jane Eyre", of Emily Brontë.

Okay, after telling you my books-to-read-list, I'm leaving you xD

Hope I cu tomorrow, bye!


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