May 8, 2012


Heeey guys! How are you doing? I'm fine, but I was studying for my English test when I looked at my laptop and thought it would be cool if I study English writing something for you xD.

I'm taking my exam tomorrow. My teacher told us it would be the next month, but this happend last month, so... I think I've all under control. I know how to write in English, I know how to use verbs and Reported Speech... So, don't worry (be happy xD)

Today I've watched the 6 chapters of Finnick and Annie's story of The Hunger Games in English. It was beautiful, I cried a lot. That's true love <3
Okay, I won't find my Finnick (I've already realised it XD) but if anyone (Pimeys xD) haven't seen this fan-videos, they are really good (and the actor is really hot xD)...

Here you have the first chapter. Don't forget reading me (please *_*) and maybe one of you is sooooo kind and let me a comment :D Sure you are <3


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