Apr 26, 2012

Something easy: Toys

Hellow ^^ Today I've done my Philosophy exam (don't worry, I've done it well (?) xD) and I'll take some time to write something longer than this last entries before. Last weekend, I saw something that called my atention. I saw a little kid about 4 years old sitting on a little car that was being controlled by the parents through a remote control.
I was like...WTF?!

Now I was thinking about my childhood. About my Playmobil, LEGO and my pieces of wood. I used to play with plastic animals and dolls, with little cars and everything you can use to make a new building for them. And now, kids don't know what is really playing. Inventing your own strange story and having fun, whatever people thinks about you while watching you.

They don't know about imagination, about fun. And I want my kids to know about that, to be really happy like I was when I was little. And you all, we, should make it happen.

If I have kids in my life (don't know, teenager-age isn't good for deciding that kind of things) they'll play with real toys. What about yours?


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