Mar 31, 2012

Love, love...Confusing Love

Hey guys! Today I was the whole day in the country-side so I'm veeeeeery tired e_e''
I think I need some rest now, so I'm gonna write something for my favourite readers <3

Being in the country-side is that kinda relaxing that you can think about everything you normally don't have time to.
And, obviusly, there was a time for thinking about the main problem in my mind. Guys.
I think I gotta something clear... I only LOVE one. I love him, the one that makes me laugh and who don't want me to be different. I LOVE him. Love, BIG and CLEAR.

And I cannot do anything... I've got a big crush with him and I can't forget...But...What should I do now? D:



Insecure, in my skin...
I'm in love <3

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