Mar 23, 2012

Adults and Magic

Today it's Friday, I'm happy and I wanna sleep something before mi BFF comes home to do "English projects"...
Yesterday, thinking about Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, I realised most of the adults in the world don't understand why we like that kinda books. I got the answer:

Adults don't understand magic cause their brains are so introduced in real life they can't see anything that it's not gonna happening tomorrow. They don't see anything else than what really happens. Who said Katniss Everdeen or Harry Potter can't exist? Maybe I'm not gonna recieve Hogwarts' letter, but I'll continue believing. Cause I think things are real if you belive. And believing in Magic is the kind of things that will make us know about real friendship, about sister's love, about magic, love, tears, hopes, dreams, how to win and how to lose...

And we're the Harry Potter and The Hunger Games Generation!!!!

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P.S: Keep Calm e_e

1 comment:

  1. Toda la razón, los adultos solo ven la realidad, no dejan que su imaginación vuele y se adentren en un mundo que no sea este. Me encanta la entrada :)
    Un saludo