Feb 6, 2012


Hiiiiiiii!!!! How are you doing today? Hope you're feeling well, really ;) Today, I want to talk about...Books. I love books. Do you, too?
I do!!!! I really need to read. If I don't read, I wouldn't know most of the things I know.
I wouldn't travel to incredible places such as Hogwarts, Panem, prehistorical places, Middle-Aged countries... I wouldn't meet Katniss, the girl on fire, Harry Potter, Oksa Pollock, Meggie of "Ink Heart", Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan of Narnia...

I'm thinking about doing a page in my blog where you can suggest books you've read to everyone... What do you think about?


P.S: If you've written a short story, and want people to read it, you could suggest a "Fan-Stories" page in my blog for that ;)